Tubidy: Your Ultimate Source for Free Music and Video Downloads

Feel the sensation of satisfaction of downloading your favorite music and videos for free with Tubidy. Find a super wide variety of choices to fulfill your musical desires. Take advantage of many of the best services such as online music streaming, Tubidy MP3 Download, MP3 music and videos, and other advantages.

South Africans have proven their superiority by discovering many chart-topping songs from top South African artists. You can find everything on our platform which provides varied and dynamic entertainment.

Get To Know Tubidy

Tubidy is a platform that allows users to enjoy MP3 music services online and easily; Users can also download MP4 files for free and just as easily. You can easily find the most popular and newest South African songs on the homepage. You can download and save music videos from the YouTube platform to be saved on your device in MP3 or MP$ format very easily.

Downloading services that allow you to save MP3 files to your device will save you a lot of money because you can get them for free and listen to them again anytime, anywhere. You will find the best reasons why Tubidy is the most visited MP3 and MP4 download service on the internet.

You will experience time efficiency because everything is completely available in our database, so you no longer need to take many steps such as copying URLs from other platforms and so on.

We provide a conversion feature that can be used to change MP4 video format to MP3 audio format which can then be saved to your laptop or smartphone. Apart from carrying out the video conversion process, you can also download videos from YouTube via our platform.

There is no need to bother registering, let alone having to pay to register because all the services we provide can be accessed for free and are full of features. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed with the download or conversion results that we produce.

When looking for South Africa's best lag, logging onto Tubidy to find it is the wisest move. The steps you have to follow are not difficult at all and in just an instant you can find the work of the South African artist you love and download it.

History about Tubidy

Everything didn't go smoothly from the start, and we weren't immediately known to the general public when we first appeared, until now we have grown and become increasingly global, even entering South Africa. The interface version at the beginning of development was still difficult to understand and less attractive, which may have been the main factor in the lack of visitors at that time. We certainly don't stop there and continue to look for opportunities to innovate and be able to transform our platform into a comprehensive, attractive, and simple service for users.

Tubidy complement the service by creating a search feature that has proven to be very helpful for users in carrying out specific and fast searches. The development of this feature not only helps find quality music but also provides more recommendations or choices for users with various preferences.

This search feature also allows you to preview or stream music, and then convert to download. It is this feature that we always highlight and it is also approved by users that the search tool speeds up fulfilling the needs of South African music lovers to find the work of their proud musicians.

The main goal of creating Tubidy is to provide an easy and enjoyable experience for every user in searching for music on the internet. The awards given by our platform users are a form of how much they feel about our efforts in helping and pampering them to be able to find the best and clearest music. We are a platform that helps you be efficient with many things, starting from money and time because we allow you to download and save converted music to your device to then listen to it for free as many times as you want.

Tubidy Development Story

The complete set of features that continues to be developed is to support the acceleration of all processes running on the Tubidy platform. We strive for high-performance equality across all lines, including updating the search tool which helps save you time in finding your destination.

An interface with complete functions, increasingly complete with a super complete database, and number one quality download results which show how far our platform has developed in responding to user needs.

We serve everything well, starting from downloading MP3 audio files, downloading MP4 video files, and converting MP3 to MP4 until finally they can be downloaded and inserted into your device for free and super-fast. All these advantages are for users only.

Why Choose Tubidy?

There are many advantages and benefits that Tubidy provides for you. Apart from easy and fast service, we also provide the best service for free. Above average music collection and treasury that will pamper you at any time.

High-quality music from South Africa and other countries is available in our library, so you can be one of the people who have the most updated playlists around you. What advantages can you experience at Tubidy? Here's the review:

Free Music Access

It's a relief when you don't have to pay money to get high-class service. All the benefits and advantages offered by our platform can be felt at no cost whatsoever. You can enjoy everything effectively and efficiently both in terms of time and cost.

You can be sure that Tubidy will never ask you to pay any fees, so don't be lied to by bad people who ask for money in the name of Tubidy. It needs to be emphasized once again that you can experience all the features and benefits that we offer for free.

Download Mp3 And Mp4 Formats

There are so many platforms that only provide download features for MP3 or audio formats, but we can do more than that. We will provide video downloads just by selecting the MP4 menu.

No Subscription Required

Generally, full features will be available only after subscription, but not with Tubidy. You can even enjoy full features from the start without having to subscribe or pay anything. You can do everything according to your wishes and needs, as freely and as easily.

No Need To Create An Account

No need to subscribe and no need to go through the account creation process. This will be quite troublesome because usually, you have to go back and forth to your email to verify. Here all the processes are easy and fast.

High Quality

Tubidy gives you quality options and we provide the highest quality. All quality options are available for MP3 or MP4 types. The thing that users pay most attention to is the quality of the music available and also the clarity of the Tubidy Music Download that is maintained even though it goes through the conversion process.

Complete And Extensive Library

You are not required to copy the URL from another platform like most mainstream platforms. Here you no longer need to bother entering YouTube just to search for videos and copy the video URLs of South African musicians. Tubidy has a complete database containing the best and newest works that you can find directly.

It will be much easier if you use the search tool to be more specific and have more choices. You can find the search tool at the top right of our platform's main page interface. After you see a large list of search results, you just press the download menu if you want to save the file.

Many genres from South African musicians and around the world are available here. You can find reggae, hip-hop, rap, indie, and many other types of music, we only provide the best and most complete that you can find. The music of South Africa and other countries has its characteristics which would be a shame to miss.

No Intense Advertising

You will always find advertisements on the website. Our platform also applies this, but don't worry, it won't bother you. We deliberately implemented an advertising system that does not appear too often. You may have felt annoyed because lots of ads appear on the interface that covers some of the main menus, and that's very annoying.

Can Stream Online

Online streaming is also possible, it doesn't just provide a download feature. This could be an option for those of you who prefer to save device memory capacity. We provide this online streaming service like existing mainstream music and video platforms, the aim is so that users are more familiar with previously known systems. Then why does Tubidy also include this streaming feature?

Not only is this a saving measure, but it is also a way to reduce the risk of wrong downloads. You can use streaming to preview and determine whether the file quality meets your expectations.

Best Compatibility

Everyone would agree that compatibility is the most important thing. You can use our platform with various types of sophisticated devices that you have. You can easily and comfortably apply it via Smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Easy To Understand Interface

The simple design is another prominent advantage of Tubidy. Convenience is what all users are looking for, and we provide that convenience in the file search process.

All the menus and directions that we display on the interface are very easy to understand. We only display the most important menus, including download and conversion menus or other important and core things.

Easy To Do

Tubidy only provides convenience for all users who utilize our services. You only need to use the search feature and immediately find what you are looking for, then you only needs to select the MP4 or MP3 format, select the quality you want, and finally, click download.

Detailed Information

It is very important to find complete information about the file to be downloaded. For example, you can directly select a music file from a South African musician to download or convert. Once clicked, the size and duration of the content will be displayed. You will know if it is the right file for what you need. This advantage is what makes Tubidy sought after by users.

Steps to Use Tubidy

How can you download music and video files from Tubidy? Don't worry because everything is very easy and you can do it without special instructions. So that you can download MP3 or MP4, of course, you have to be connected to a good quality internet network. Read the complete explanation as follows to make it easier to understand:

  1. Use the tool or browser installed on the device, after that, you can go to the main menu of the Tubidy
  2. After the steps above you will be directed to our main page. You will find several recommendations on the main page, usually a list of the newest and most popular songs at the moment. You can speed up the steps by using the Tubidy search tool if you already have a specific title of the work you want to search for on our platform.
  3. You can type keywords related to the specific content you are aiming for. You can type the name of the South African singer in question, song title, genre, or something similar that is still related to the search.
  4. After using the search tool, a list of results will be displayed. Usually, several options appear, and you decide whether to just stream or download and save to your device.
  5. You can choose to download in MP3 or Tubidy MP4 Download If you want to get an audio format file, just select the MP3 menu, whereas if you want a video format, select MP4.
  6. After you have determined which type of format you want, then you can determine the level of file quality you want. For audio format, you can choose the highest size, namely 320 kbps so that the sound is clear.
  7. If you want to save it to your device, just click the download menu and the file will automatically be saved.

You can also use social media to share music that you have just downloaded in Tubidy with your friends by clicking on the social media icon that appears at the bottom of the interface, you can choose which type of social media account.

The plus point that we provide is solely to please our users and they can enjoy the convenience and completeness without any costs.

Make sure you use a good and uninterrupted internet network. When you click the download menu, you may be directed to a new tab, you just need to close it, and then go to the tab where the download process is in progress. Entering irrelevant tabs often happens but is not too annoying.

Things that might cause you to fail to download files on Tubidy are a lack of device memory or it being too full. Make sure that the storage space is sufficient to store the file.

Music Genres That Can Be Found

Your desire to explore music will be fulfilled with our amazing complete music library. We provide a variety of music genres that are not only complete but also of high quality. We not only provide the latest music, we also have nostalgic music.

Music genres originating from various parts of the world including South Africa will satisfy you. We will of course always pay attention to your music needs by providing quality and convenience. The genres we provide are as follows, but there are many more:

  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • South Africa
  • Afropop
  • Afrobeats
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Metal
  • Amapiano
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Japanese
  • K-Pop

Our main page will display the main features and also music recommendations that you might like, of course with ease.

Tubidy Application Tips

The tips below need to be followed to obtain maximum comfort. The Tubidy platform prioritizes user security, but there are still several things that might pose a threat risk.

So it is important to pay attention to the tips below to avoid or reduce the risks and impacts of threats that may exist when using our services:

1. Secure Internet Network

Errors and interruptions in the download process occur due to internet connection problems. The internet has a big influence on the smooth process of downloading and converting your files. The quality of the internet affects the speed of all processes, so never underestimate the process of checking the internet network so that everything is safe.

2. Select Quality Level

You may find that the download results do not match your expectations after completing the download, so you need to check the previous quality options again. You can determine the type of quality you want on Tubidy yourself. You can choose the highest quality or want medium quality to reduce the file size.

Of course, if you want to maximize your musical experience, you must select the highest level before saving to your device and listening to it. You can be sure and make your choice carefully before deciding to download the file.

3. Close Pop-Up Ads

As mentioned before, Tubidy need to implement an advertising system to earn money. Moreover, we provide free services for you. This is also an effort to maintain our quality

Indeed, advertisements will appear, but they are not advertisements that are too big and appear too often or suddenly, so they will not interfere with your process on our platform. Pop-up ads may appear, but again, they won't be many and you can just close them and continue what you're doing.

However, you don't need to install applications that are not credible just to get rid of ads, because this could attack you back. It's better for you to be a little restrained, after all, ads are just a kind of pop-up and open a new tab that you can immediately close without being annoying.

4. Latest Software

Threatening malware can be removed by always paying attention to application and system updates implemented on the device. Devices that have the latest applications and software will be better prepared to fight attacks and protect your cell phone from viruses and malware attacks that are very detrimental and damaging. Don't just start downloading MP3 and MP4 Tubidy Video Download before you ensure that all systems and software on the device are ready for combat.

5. Use Original Download Button

If you find there is more than one download button then you only need to select the menu on the right. At the start of use, you might click the wrong download menu. This is normal, but you need to pay attention to whether you enter an irrelevant tab, and never want to install additional applications even if asked because Tubidy website never asks you to do so.

6. Format Options

You can find a large selection of African and worldwide music with a choice of MP4 video or MP3 audio formats. Don't let it get you upside down, where you click the MP3 menu when your goal is MP4, and you select the MP4 menu when you want to get an MP3 file. Even though this sounds ridiculous, in some cases, something like this might happen.

7. Take Advantage Of The Online Streaming Feature

Users need to be able to find the right file with the best duration and quality that matches the available file description. You can do this by using the streaming feature; here you can see whether the file is credible.

You can do this streaming process first to be surer, instead of immediately downloading the file without consideration, which could be detrimental to you because it turns out you downloaded the file with poor quality and not according to your expectations.

8. Install Antivirus

Viruses are something that internet users avoid, so it is very important to install an antivirus on your device for additional strength against the risk of damage to your files and device. This virus could have been entered through pop-up advertisements that occurred due to an error in clicking the menu or when clicking the download menu. Not infrequently they ask you to install random applications. Antivirus is the answer to eliminate these worries.

9. Sufficient Memory

Smooth internet is certainly the main point for a smooth download process, but it's not the only one. You also have to pay attention to whether your memory is still sufficient to store the files you want. Audio and video files may fail to be saved because you did not complete the download process due to a lack of storage space on the device.

10. Don't Go To Fake Sites

Be careful with fake sites scattered on the internet. Ensure the credibility of the website before you enter to use its services. You will be protected from the risk of virus attacks and theft of personal data which can be exploited by irresponsible and detrimental people. Counterfeit sites usually have all the same features as the original site, so you need to be careful.

Tubidy Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages, that's a certain thing in this world. Tubidy is sure to maintain its commitment to providing many benefits and conveniences for users. However, on the other hand, there are several drawbacks that you may encounter when using our services.

The following is a table that can briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of Tubidy that you need to know:




Ads sometimes pop up

High-quality MP3 or MP4 downloads

Do not have editing tools

You can download a limitless times

Have issues with legal terms, not to used commercially

Do not have to create an account


No subscription


High-speed download


Simple interface


Easy steps


Including MP4 download access


Complete libraries, providing the best quality after the conversion process, and getting everything for free are advantages that cannot be ignored. We do not put any restrictions on users and this is what makes many people prefer our platform over other platforms. This seems too good to be true, so there is no doubt about our commitment to providing convenience and satisfaction to customers.

Another super advantage is that you don't need to create an account or register as is required when using other platform services.

All processes from using the Tubidy Search Engine to downloading on the Tubidy platform can be done very quickly and easily, even in a matter of minutes. Not stopping there, apart from providing streaming, download, and conversion services, we also have a very complete and high-quality song library.

One or maybe the only drawback that we have is that maybe advertisements will appear suddenly and it might be surprising for some people, even though it's not that annoying.

Then another thing that we might be able to evaluate is the existence of a music editing feature which might add to the completeness of the features for users.

Some other risks may be illegal use. So it is highly recommended for users of the Tubidy platform service to always pay attention to the morals and legality of using copyrighted music. It is hoped that you will not use files from our platform for commercial gain that is detrimental to other parties.

What Makes Tubidy Different

Tubidy is one of a kind in the world of music platforms on the internet. Spotify, YouTube, and other similar platforms are already widely known throughout the world, but some things differentiate them. This is what allows us to compete among internet music platforms that have become too mainstream recently.

By utilizing our platform, you can download MP3, MP4 files, and convert from MP4 to MP3 easily, and save them to your device for free and easily. The following is a table comparing Tubidy with Mainstream music streaming services that you can find out about:


Other Music Platforms

Free access to convert, download, or stream

Giving a free service but the features is limited.

Download results can be saved on your device

Download results can only be saved in the platform

Very simple interface

Complex interfaces as more features are available

We can provide free services without registration, and that's something other platforms may not be able to offer. Almost all music platforms will ask you to make a payment or register to create an account so you can use all the features.

You can save more and allocate money for more essential needs because you take advantage of music services that can be enjoyed for free and easily. Downloaded music files can be stored on the device to be listened to for free at any time, without having to upload them in an application or online system, or even pay to use a cloud storage system.

However, we always remind you not to use our platform irresponsibly by using it for commercial purposes and personal gain without paying attention to legal regulations.

Tubidy has succeeded in becoming a leading music and video platform thanks to its interface which is simple, easy to understand, and fast to use. You may find on other platforms, where the interface implemented seems more complicated. We combine colors and menu placement that are easy to understand to facilitate the process of searching, selecting, and saving to your device.

The large number of features available on other platforms may be a result of the more complex interfaces they offer. Come to us if all you need is the best quality MP3 and MP4 conversion and download features.

Not just download services, we also allow you to stream so you can enjoy music even faster. This can also be used as a preview and see whether the quality and duration of the file are appropriate. This is what differentiates Tubidy from other music platforms that exist.

Common Problems When Using Tubidy

You may encounter several problems when using our platform services, and here is a review so you know the solutions:

1. File Not Working

You may find that the file you downloaded is not working properly. Most likely this is caused by the download process stopping. You will not be able to save or play downloaded music or video files if it turns out that the download process is not 100% complete. If this happens, immediately check whether you still have enough storage space.

You also have to check whether your internet network is running smoothly or is experiencing problems. Internet disruptions can happen at any time. You must make sure that your device software is up to date. If you find that your file is damaged, you can take action to continue the download process, or if that is not possible, it is better to start from the beginning.

2. Slow Download Process

It is very rare to find cases where the Tubidy server experiences problems or causes the download process to slow down or stop because of it. So if there is a problem, it is almost certain that the main problem is the internet connection. The internet provider may be experiencing problems or under development. There could also be a big problem in the form of a natural disaster that causes internet access to be disrupted in several areas, including your area.

Those of you who use a Wi-Fi signal are better off using a strong signal or at least within signal range not far from the router.

3. Music Is Not Available

You still may not find the music you are looking for even though we have tried our best to complete the song library. You can still find this music by utilizing other platforms that may provide it.

You can search for other music on YouTube and copy the URL which you can then copy on Tubidy to continue the download process. There are some cases where music with a certain release year and category cannot be found and is only on YouTube.

The Role of Tubidy in Music

Musical hardware such as CDs and cassettes have long been abandoned, one of which is the contribution of Tubidy which always provides convenience and speed in serving the musical needs of its users. Music platforms that can be accessed online are much more popular nowadays and this is what we offer you, namely convenience and speed.

The method is as easy as searching for the music you want to download, determining the MP4 or MP3 audio format, and downloading, that's it, you have successfully saved the music and can play it on your device anytime, anywhere. What's more, we always provide quality that is no joke and worth considering.

Quality is number one, and that's what Tubidy users are looking for. We are aware of how uncomfortable it is when listening to music with poor audio quality; it is not pleasant at all and even makes you angry.

For those of you who are looking for complete and easy favorite music from South African artists, you can enter Tubidy and carry out the conversion process by taking sources from other music and audio provider platforms on the internet such as Spotify or YouTube. You can also use the song library database from our platform so you can go through the process more quickly and easily. So it is not surprising that so many people from all over the world, including Africa, choose to use our service to get the music they want.

You can use other music video sites before entering our service. Then you can carry out the conversion process and download it on Tubidy easily. Other music platforms on the internet may not provide the same experience. Find music with many different genres and countries of origin, complete and easy.

To increase customer satisfaction and make it easier for them to handle the problems they face, we provide customer service that is ready to serve you 24 hours a day. We will help solve all problems that may be encountered as previously stated whenever needed. Services like this are very important and needed so this makes users even more comfortable.

Security Measures on The Tubidy Platform

The Tubidy platform always takes security measures so that all the convenience and comfort offered will not cause problems for users in the future. The safest download method needs to be implemented. We remind you again that there are irresponsible individuals who try to duplicate our website with a security level that is far below our standards, so you need to be smarter and wiser.

It is common knowledge that an imitation website will certainly not have the same standards as the original website, in terms of security, comfort, and functionality. This poses many threats in the form of data theft and smuggling of very destructive viruses and malware. If you find strange behavior on the website, then it is better to abandon your intention.

Antivirus is the answer that can help overcome the threats above. It is very important to choose a strong and trusted antivirus service so that all risks can be avoided. If necessary, choose a paid one to be more convincing.

Review the results of the completed file download. Again, make sure that the size and description match the original. When you find that the size of the file you downloaded is not the same as the initial information, you need to be careful. It could be that the contents are viruses that were deliberately planted to spread on your device.

Make sure that the file downloaded from Tubidy is not an .exe because it is almost certain that it is a dangerous file and deserves to be permanently deleted. You must remember that the video and audio file formats are MP4 and Tubidy MP3. The point is, if it's outside of that type; don't be brave enough to open it if you don't want problems.

Choose Tubidy platform to get a great music experiences. Don't hesitate to choose us because we are simply the best.